San Diego – Fallbrook #5404



FALLBROOK – The retiring doctor started the well-established GROWING practice from scratch with 21+ years of goodwill to offer now. Several offices in a professional building have recently closed in the area, and they get as many as 5-6 NEW PATIENTS A DAY! The doctor currently works 4 days a week, with 1 hygienist working 3 days a week. The doctor sees an average of 6-4 patients daily, though additional new doctors days or patients per day are needed due to INCREASING NEW PATIENTS. The hygienist sees an average of 8 patients a day. The practice is mainly insurance (70%) and some cash (30%). To date, the Seller does NO MARKETING and is totally reliant on patient referrals. Grossed $352K for 2022 & Projecting $406K for 2023 . Please contact your CPS Broker for more information. Property ID #5404.

County:San Diego

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