Orange – Santa Ana #5447


CHARTS ONLY! Nine hundred forty-five (945) patients here have been seen in the past 12 months; there are also additional charts. Of those 945 patients seen in the past 12 months: 679 of them have insurance, 484 were male patients, 461 were female patients, and 323 of them were under the age of 12. Charts Breakdown 50% are Fee For Service, 42% are Delta PPO, and 8% are Cigna Patients. The retiring doctor does have some equipment and is open to liquidating for a very reasonable price point. Also, there are a few ortho patients left that the doctor has offered to come in and finish in the Buyer’s practice. The Seller is also offering his time to assist with introductions to patients and providers, ensuring the transfer of goodwill and minimizing patient attritions.¬†Please contact your CPS Broker for more details. Property ID #5447.

City:Santa Ana

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