Orange: Newport Beach #5137

Buy dental office California

NEWPORT BEACH – General Practice with almost 50 years of goodwill was one of the first dental offices in Newport Plaza. Located on a multi story single standing building in an area that is known for its high-end service and retail shops. Offering beautiful views to the ocean. The Seller works 3 days/wk with 2 days/wk of hygiene. Sees approximately 6-10 patients/day. Accepting Fee for Service, Select PPO’s and member of Delta Dental Insurance. Does minimal advertising. Practice consists of 3 equipped operatories with Dentrix software. Has long term staff. Grossed $462K for 2016. Buyer’s net of $141K. Please contact your CPS Agent for more details. Property #5137.

City:Newport Beach

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  1. Comment for PI #5137 – THis is your chance to own a 50 year Legacy and owner the first dental office in the infamous Fashion Island in Newport Beach!

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