Los Angeles: Canoga Park #5241


CANOGA PARK – Leasehold Improvements & Equipment Only – The Sellers demonstrate their flexibility for a timely transaction by gifting the patient charts to whoever buys the leaseholds improvements & equipment or are open to selling the patients’ charts only. Our practice has high visibility with a corner location in a very diverse neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. The practice has been an icon in the community for over 26 years and has been associate run. Surrounded by retail, restaurants, and heavy traffic patterns making parking a premium for the area, the practice has its own private parking lot. Take advantage of the heavy traffic flow and nearby residential area, both of which provide excellent foot traffic. This traffic is captured by the new great signage not represented in the virtual tour or practice photos. This practice has been a satellite location for the Sellers and has not realized its potential given the limited time to dedicate this secondary location. Since covid, the practice has been available for two days per week.   Please contact your CPS Agent for more information. Property ID # 5241.

City:Canoga Park
County:Los Angeles

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