Inland Empire: Palm Desert #5483


PALM DESERT – Our practice has 26 years of goodwill to offer and has been at its location for almost 20 years. The location of our subject practice could not be better as it is across the street from a Community College, City hall, police station, public library, city hall, and the Mcallan Theater, etc. Demand Force is used to collect, review, and confirm appointments. They are currently booking eight months to a year in advance, and patients regrettably have been turned away due to Seller’s maximum desired work schedule. Very conservative dentistry is being done here. Sellers are always looking for a way to save clients $; fee schedules need to be reviewed as they only sometimes charge the maximum fees allowed. The patient base age group is excellent because much of all the dental work was done 40-50 years ago, which now needs to be replaced. Well noted is the minimal bread-and-butter dentistry being done here. Patients have to beg for elective work; Sellers spend more time talking them out of elective work than doing it to accommodate their desired work schedule. A Buyer would do incredibly well here if they accommodated the elective work being requested and eliminated the inefficiencies now in place for comfort. Practice grossed $1.5M for 2023 & a Buyer’s Net of $482K. Contact your CPS Broker for more details. Property ID #5483.

City:Palm Desert

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