Inland Empire – Palm Desert #5435


PALM DESERT W/ REAL ESTATE! – What an incredible opportunity to be in control of your destiny by owning the real estate to what is one of the most beautiful practices you have ever walked into! All nine operatories each have a theme of a different country, exquisitely decorated and, as you will see, adorn with the latest technology throughout the practice. And as if that was not enough, the profitability is through the roof now, with plenty of room for growth for a Buyer that can spend more time in the practice. After Buying the real estate, the Seller opened the practice in 2008 and has done exceptionally well in this high-end community ever since. Ensure you contact your CPS Broker expediently or live with the regret of missing this opportunity of a lifetime. REAL ESTATE IS INCLUDED! Grossed $1.8M for 2022. Buyer’s Net of $650K. Please contact your CPS Broker for more details. Property ID #5435.

City:Palm Desert

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