1What is my first step if I think I might want to sell my dental practice in Southern California?
The first step is to fill out the Confidential Seller Interview Form on this website, and the data will be forwarded to John Knipf, President of California Practice Sales. He will review the information and make a confidential phone call to request certain further information to develop a pricing model.

You can also call him directly at 866-377-0446. He would be pleased to answer any questions you might have about how CPS can help you sell your dental practice in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, or any other location in Southern California.
2How much does it cost for me to get an idea of the value of my dental practice?
There is no cost to develop a pricing model.

You will be asked to provide current financial information and participate in a short telephone interview to provide basic information about your dental practice. Full appraisals are available upon request for estate issues or other needs, but are not required in order to give you a practice sale value.

If you think you might like to sell your dental practice in Southern California, please contact California Practice Sales today for your complimentary pricing model.
3What happens if I agree with the pricing model and want to move forward?
If you find the pricing model acceptable once the analysis is complete, Mr. Knipf will arrange a time to meet with you to review and video tape your dental practice, as well as to go over the listing agreement. In addition, Mr. Knipf will answer any questions you might have about our strategy to sell your dental practice in Southern California.

Once you have signed an agreement, our brokers and agents will personally visit your office so that we can be better equipped to answer questions from potential buyers. At this point, your dental practice will be "placed on the market.
4What is the advantage of working with California Practice Sales in relationship to other dental brokerage firms?
At California Practice Sales, we provide full exposure of your dental practice to the market through our website, through our ads in publications such as Dental Economics, the CDA Journal, Impressions Magazine, as well as 7 pages of the Dental Trader. CPS employs a full-time Transition Coordinator who assists in moving the transactions to completion from acceptance of the offer until you are funded. From start to finish, everything is monitored and guided. This allows you to focus your attention on practicing dentistry rather than having to handle each and every aspect of your sale. Unlike some dental brokerage firms that operate with one individual responsible for finding a buyer, there are currently three individual brokers and agents who have a working relationship with over 18,000 potential purchasers who want to buy a dental practice in Southern California. As each agent and broker operates independently, you really have three "independent-brokerages" in healthy competition to find you a purchaser. We also maintain working relationships with every major banking and financial institution involved in financing dental practice acquisitions. These one-on-one relationships with the decision makers in these institutions allow us the broadest access to methods of funding your sale. We have no financial ties with any of our lenders – the only thing we receive from them is excellent service.
5How long will it take to sell my dental practice in Southern California?
This is a very active market, and our goal is to provide qualified individuals for you to interview. Each office is different in its composition - we believe that we have the best sales methods in place to bring the most qualified participants to your dental practice in the shortest period of time. Once you have selected your candidates, the entire process, on average, takes 45 to 60 days to complete.
6When do I pay California Practice Sales?
We are paid through the proceeds of the loan or the financing when the dental practice actually sells. All terms are outlined in the Authorization and Right to Sell Agreement
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