San Diego – San Marcos #5402


Well-established GP + Ortho practice with 15+ years of goodwill is in a two-story professional building. The approximately 1,600 sq. ft. suite is equipped with 5 operatories and one Orthophos XG5 digital x-ray. The doctor is in the process of retiring and moved out of town and is currently traveling back and forth every couple of days a week to the practice. They see an average of 12-15 patients a day and an average of 10 new patients a month. The one hygienist works 2 days a week and sees about 5 patients per day. Income source is mainly cash with it being 80% while 20% is coming from insurance. Does very minimal advertising and depends on patient referrals. Is in a busy shopping center with ample parking. Grossed $377K for 2021 & projecting $459K for 2022. Buyer’s Net of $180K. Please contact your CPS Broker for more details. Property ID #5402

City:San Marcos
County:San Diego

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